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We produce vehicle electronics with a particular specialisation for trailers. Our goal is to use the technological advances that have been provided in modern cars for many years and offer the same convenience and experience in a trailer, caravan, horse trailer or boat trailer. With this in mind, and from that specific interest, we continuously develop new and improved vehicle electronics.

As one of our first products, we have made it possible to use LED lighting on your trailer without interference and/or other strange side effects occurring to the car. Do you think there's no problem to be addressed here? Unfortunately, there is. Modern cars have many electronic control systems that provide a warning signal if the lights of the vehicle or attached trailer are not working correctly. This is safe and convenient but, when using extremely efficient and low-power LED lighting, these control systems often only work partially, or not at all. This results in dashboard warning lamps lighting up to warn you of defective lighting. In extreme cases the whole trailer power supply will be cut off, which means that there will only be partial lighting (or none all) where and when you really need it.


Using LED lights on your trailer is more pleasant, safer and easier to use when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED lights are often waterproof, last longer, are virtually trouble-free and operate significantly faster, for example, the rapid response time of LED brake lights and turn signals. As a result, the traffic behind you will receive the signals earlier and thus, be better informed than when traditional incandescent bulbs are used. These are all benefits that cannot be enjoyed and will only bring misery if a trailer with LED lights is required and the towing vehicle (your car) is not able to operate it.

We have resolved this problem by developing the DVA LED Light Processor. A handy box of tricks that you can easily mount to your trailer. This box features intelligent electronics and communicates with the CAN Bus system of the towing vehicle and it is designed so that in almost all cases, the trailer lights will work as you expect, without interference. The DVA LED Light Processor can be used for virtually any LED lighting and works with at least 95% of all cars on the current market. At present, we are only aware of one vehicle that, after extensive testing, does not work with our system: the Mercedes G class. However, we can offer an alternative system for this vehicle that will guarantee a trouble-free experience.


The LED lights on you trailer interfere with your car but works normally when the trailer is hitched behind another vehicle. These symptoms probably mean that the electronics in your car cannot operate LED trailer lights correctly. This is a known problem that occurs in many different shapes and sizes. It may be the case that only some of the lights may work and you are missing, for example, the fog and reversing light. Or maybe they only work for a short period of time and then stop working altogether. Another form of problem may be that the light can be seen to be pulsing or flickering. There are also cases in which the car's on-board computer may try to convince you that you are driving without lights or that some of your lights are not working, even though everything is fine. This is particularly annoying and if you search on internet you will find many complaints but no solutions.


The DVA LED Light Processor is available in two variants.

  • Standard DVA Light Processor, which is easy to install in your trailer's main lighting cable. This version requires the cables to be cut and then reconnected with the LED Light Processor in between.
  • A DVA Light Processor Plug 'n Play connects between your trailer's existing plug and your car's plug.
  • The DVA LED Light Processor is an intelligent piece of electronics that communicates with the car's CAN BUS system. To cut a long and technical story short: The DVA LED Light Processor provides the correct signals to the towing vehicle so that your car works properly and does not display any warnings. In 99% of cases, this resolves or reduces all possible interference, resulting in safe and normal operation. The DVA LED Light Processor maintains the efficiency of your LED lighting, and is also shock and water resistant. (not suitable for immersion)



After extensive testing of the DVA LED Light Processor with more than a hundred different makes and models, we have only found one car that still causes problems. This is the Mercedes G class. However, we have found a solution for the Mercedes G class and used it several times. This is a custom-made solution and can be ordered via the contact form.

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